As durable and reliable as brand name floor cleaning machines are, they must be properly maintained.

Easy steps taken daily will improve the performance & extend the life of your machine, lowering your overall operating costs. Below are a few general tips to help you maintain your machine.

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General Maintenance Check list

For Scrubbers & Sweepers: 

  • Remove any string, banding, plastic wrap, or other debris wrapped around the brushes or motor shafts
  • Check all fluid levels if applicable (electrolyte level, hydraulic fluid, engine oil, and coolant)
  • Confirm the radiator and hydraulic cooler fins are clean
  • Check the condition of brushes, brush patterns and brush skirts
  • Inspect & lubricate all wheels and casters for proper operation

For Scrubbers Only: 

  • Check the condition & rotate your squeegees
  • Clean the scrubber vacuum fan screen or filter
  • Clear debris and blockages from vacuum hoses
  • Inspect all hoses for cracks, damage and leaks
  • Inspect & lubricate all wheels and casters for proper operation
  • Deodorize the recovery tank if necessary
  • Refer to the machines maintenance chart in the operator’s manual to confirm all other general maintenance procedures are performed according to schedule