A Preventative Maintenance Program involves a periodic, usually monthly, inspection of your equipment by a factory-trained technician. Regular maintenance checks, such as inspecting the batteries, lubricating the casters, tightening loose fittings, adjusting the pressure settings, and examining normal wear items such as squeegees, are performed.

Floor Cleaning Equipment is a major factor for increasing productivity with your work force. When equipment is running poorly or not at all, buildings are not being cleaned properly and morale declines. Studies show that equipment repair accounts for less than 2% of the cleaning budget but lost productivity from broken equipment can cost over 25%.

A Preventative Maintenance Program involves following a detailed regular maintenance schedule in an attempt to avoid down time, to maximize a machine’s productivity, and to extend its useful service life.

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Our preventive maintenance check list uses an 85 point check list that requires us to inspect, maintain and correct any issues. Each inspection ensures the highest level of quality by the most qualified technicians. This top-to-bottom checkup will ensure your equipment is in great working condition all year round!

Keeping your floor cleaning equipment in top condition is paramount to the productivity of your business. Our preventative maintenance plans are designed to prolong the life of your equipment so that you can achieve maximum value and longevity from it. We replace or repair worn parts before they cause a system failure, ensuring your equipment runs efficiently.

These planned, systematic inspections provide a detection and correction of incident failures before they occur or develop into equipment delays. Records are kept with the status of your equipment at each visit. Experience the affordable convenience of full service support and trouble free operation of your machine today.